In the midst of 2018, the Verslingerd aan Hout webshop was launched. If you’re looking for original items to decorate the nursery, children’s room, or playroom, you’ve come to the right place. From wall garlands to lamps and other personalized accessories, everything is designed and made with love, care, and attention to detail.

Cora Wijker van Verslingerd aan Hout

We spoke with Cora Wijker from a converted garage in Barsingerhorn, North Holland, which serves as her cozy workspace. As an online marketer, she had always worked for larger organizations, but she felt a lack of creativity. That’s why she started freelancing in 2018 and reduced her workload to have time to start her own business. She initially thought of dedicating just one day a week to it, but things turned out differently. Since 2020, her webshop has become a full-time job that brings her a lot of joy.

"Now that I don't outsource anymore, the final product is more beautiful."

Taking control of everything.

When Cora started Verslingerd aan Hout, she didn’t have her own laser machine right away. She outsourced the cutting work at first. However, it was costly because two-thirds of the price consisted of labor and only one-third was for the wood itself. She would place a large order monthly to benefit from bulk purchasing and discounts. However, when her stock ran out, customers sometimes had to wait longer for their orders. That is a thing of the past now because after a year, she acquired a used laser machine.

Cora legt hout in haar BRM lasermachine

Previously, all the cut parts would be delivered blank. Now, she paints everything before it goes into the laser machine. She is also much more flexible. If a customer wants the product mirrored or prefers a different font, it can all be easily accommodated. Furthermore, she no longer has to wait for monthly deliveries of pre-cut materials because she has complete control over that too now.

Side view of the BRM Slim 600 laser machine.
Auf Lager

Slim 600

  • Arbeitsbereich 600 x 400 x 180 mm
  • Laserleistung 80 W
  • Höchste Laser-Sicherheitsklasse: Laserklasse 1
"I recouped the cost of that laser within three months."

Her BRM laser is primarily used for cutting wood. She only does engraving upon request, such as when a lamp purchased from her webshop is personalized with a name. Cora wants to distinguish herself and has chosen to offer only her own designed products. She simply enjoys working with wood. ‘Of course, the machine can do much more, but I already have so much work that I don’t feel the need to work with other materials just yet.’


Saving costs and working flexibly.

Flexibility is convenient, but ultimately, having her own BRM laser machine also led to cost savings. At one point, the price of wood skyrocketed, along with many other costs. By no longer outsourcing the cutting work, Cora was able to postpone a price increase for a long time. ‘Of course, a laser costs money! But compared to outsourcing, I recovered the purchase cost within three months. And that machine lasts much longer than just three months.’

Hout in de lasermachine van Verslingerd aan Hout
"I love that you can simply call and get immediate assistance."

Also fitting for the future.

Cora’s first BRM laser was a used one she was able to acquire from someone who was quitting. When it was time for a replacement, she conducted research. She discovered cheaper laser machine brands that she found neither powerful nor large enough. She also knows some other webshop owners who have cheaper, smaller machines from different brands. “If something goes wrong with those machines, they have to send them in and lose them for weeks,” she says. ‘So, yes, it can be cheaper, but it doesn’t benefit you.’

Cora wanted an affordable, long-lasting, and sturdy laser machine. She called BRM, and Ruud assisted her. She felt good about it, both in terms of feeling and price. ‘Everything appealed to me, and I thought: this is the one I want! That machine simply fit within my company and also aligned with the future, so why should I think about it any longer?’

Pleasant collaboration.

The collaboration with BRM is pleasant. Cora is pleased with the comprehensive manual. She has already had the machine serviced once, and she contacted them a few times when her machine wasn’t working. It turned out to be a fuse that could be easily replaced. ‘They just provide such great help,’ Cora shares. ‘Of course, a laser machine is a tool that is used, so sometimes things break and need to be replaced. But that’s not a problem at all.’

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