Signs4U is a company that specializes in the signage and furnishing of casinos. They supply their products to casinos around the world. They use their BRM Open Bed 130250 laser machine every day.

Since 2000, the company has been active in creating illuminated signs and jackpot systems for casinos. They are specialists in all signage, such as the ones that can be found in many casinos. Consider, for example, the large screens that can be seen above all slot machines. At Signs4U we spoke with Jan Spies, co-owner of the company.

Large project

Jan proudly tells us about their latest project. “The last major project we did was in Vietnam. There, we have set up a complete casino with signage. It was the biggest project ever for us. And we managed to complete it within three quarters of a year.” For this major project in Phú Quốc, Vietnam, the BRM laser cutter was used several times. This casino is the largest and most impressive casino in the Far East.

Side view of a BRM Open Bed laser machine.
In stock

Open Bed 2500

  • Work area 1300 x 2500 x 30 mm
  • Laser power 100 or 150 W

The added value

Thanks to the laser cutter, Signs4U has to buy less and they can make everything in-house. “For example, we can now make the ‘edge lit’ parts that we had to purchase earlier. And that is ideal because now we can also do quick experiments with it. We also use it a lot to crop out our images. Due to the high precision, we can simply process everything very quickly.”

Jan tells us that they can work a lot faster and better thanks to the BRM Open Bed 130250 laser machine. “Thanks to the laser cutter, we can produce a lot faster. We used to mill everything out and it took us much more time to finish everything. Now we can glue everything together almost immediately and that simply works much better. It actually saves us thirty to forty percent time.”

“The machine has become essential in our production process, so we can no longer do without it.”

The use of the BRM Open Bed

The laser machine is used by Signs4U to make various products. “We mainly use the machine for cutting and engraving acrylic. We sometimes engrave images on it, and we use it to create contour lighting. The machine has become essential in our production process, so we can no longer do without it.”

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