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Rijn Ijssel


At Rijn IJssel in Arnhem they use the BRM Original 6090 to their full satisfaction. The laser machine is used at the location where educational courses are offered within the creative industry and technology. Thanks to the laser machine, students’ designs can become reality.

Various training courses can use the laser machine in the workshop. The courses Art & Design, Interior Design and Human Technology, among others, make extensive use of the laser machine. We spoke with Esther van Cleef, the practical supervisor who guides the students through laser cutting.

Sawing by hand is old-fashioned

Esther tells us why they bought a laser machine. “A lot is done with the jigsaw or band saw, but that simply does not give the desired results when it comes to final exams. Thanks to the machine, the level of the students’ end products is a lot higher, which is a great advantage. But students are not allowed to simply laser everything, only end products can be lasered. After all, they must first gain knowledge about how to handle the materials.”

Rijn Ijssel uses a BRM Original 6090

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At Rijn Ijssel, students use the laser machine to make the most diverse products.

“They are really enthusiastic; they are stunned to see that their design becomes reality thanks to the machine.”

Design becomes reality

Students make their own design and can indicate that they want to make something with the laser. Then, Esther helps the students to make the products. “Students are amazed at what the machine can do. They are really enthusiastic; they are stunned to see that their design becomes reality thanks to the machine. Previously they drew things by hand and then cut it out, but now they draw everything in Illustrator. And then they can have their design cut and engraved by the laser cutter. The creativity is in the student and the laser cutter can make it. That is a really nice combination.”
The final products of the students look a lot more professional thanks to the laser machine, says Esther. “The finishing of the end products is much better. And they are creatively stimulated because what was previously impossible is now possible. If you saw products by hand, it could take you a week. While the students only have a few weeks for a project. So, the laser machine really has great added value within the program.

Rijn Ijssel uses a BRM Original 6090

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BRM’s service

Esther is very satisfied with BRM’s service. “I was actually not very familiar with the technique of laser cutting. But thanks to BRM’s good service, I was able to teach myself in no time. BRM always speaks to me in a friendly manner, I never had the feeling that I was calling unnecessarily. They have a lot of patience, because I have called very often!”

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