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Budgetlasers from BRM

Budget lasers offer a range of closed CO2 laser cutting machines, characterized by a solid quality and easy operation, and all for a budget price. Budget lasers are an excellent alternative for those who want to start with laser cutting or laser engraving, but do not want to compromise on reliability and performance.

We have developed the Budgetlasers for less intensive use by companies and educational institutions. The design of the machines is based on solidity and on simplicity, both in design and construction as well as in use. With the experience of BRM Lasers, this guarantees the trouble-free functioning of the Budgetlasers. BRM Lasers performs the same double quality control on every Budget Laser as on the laser machines from the BRM line.

Why budgetlasers?

Design & Development

The Budgetlasers are designed and developed by BRM Lasers, the parent organization of Budgetlasers.

Quality Control

All budgetlasers are subjected to the double quality control that is standard at BRM Lasers


Budgetlasers offers support via the BRM Lasers Support Panel, telephone support or on-site help.